There's just something about pulling the plug on The Beatles. Apart from a few rarities, most of the band's music was released as full band treatments: a few lads making as much noise as possible.

But quietening the backing bits for a contemporary "unplugged" treatment really reveals the integral beauty of the songs. The instrumentation of Baroque Rock and Sunshine Pop lends itself uncannily to the chiming, shimmery doubled strings of a 12-string guitar, for example.

When you book Freddie's Acoustic Beatles, you get up to three full sets of favourite melodies accompanied by thoughtful, melodic arrangements, at the fraction of the expense of a full band. (Also quieter and takes up less space!) Perfect for a Beatles Brunch or a more intimate version of a Beatles Night.

What a GREAT way to rediscover the best sort of pop music.

Book F.A.B.! You'll be glad.