Frederick Ingram ~ A Bard for Our Time

In this postmodern, apocalyptic world, it is more important than ever to contemplate the truth beneath the surface. The languages of poetry, music, and visual arts give us the tools, but it's up to each individual to make the choice. Do you dare choose the difficult truth? Or would you rather take the easy path and live the pretty lie, which grows bigger by the day? "This page is more for swans than geese," says Frederick Ingram.

The obscure poet of the Carolinas has tried to take the high road, no easy feat in a corporate-controlled industry dominated by trust fund babies and cynical gatekeepers. While live performances have become scarce in the post-COVID era, he has developed Instagram (@fridrix.foto) and other social media as tools for conveying art and beauty, and appreciation for enduring truths. An avid photographer and occasional actor and model, you might even see him in the background of some top tier film & TV productions. But his favorite medium remains the Elizabethan sonnet. "They literally take only a minute to read, yet you can really say something with depth and meaning. Their time has come again!"

Borrowing a line from the Quiet Beatle, George Harrison, "I look at the world and I notice it's turning," quips Ingram, who has always worked by day handling or evaluating information, as a fact-checker, a researcher, a writer, and a media analyst. He's been trained in Intelligence Community standards for evaluating intelligence and has participated in numerous geopolitical forecasting challenges. "You're not going to find The Truth on TV or any fake-news media. You can only approximate it. 'We see through a glass darkly,'" says the poet who claims the King James Version as his favorite book. "We are still learning what really happened with JFK and Nixon and even John Lennon, so don't expect to find too much enduring truth beyond the Bible."


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